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MBT and intros


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MBT version 3.0.5086.905


Loving MBT, it does everything I want (besides making coffee).

There is however one little issue that I find pretty annoying.

I have MBIntros installed and it plays the intros perfectly, but when MBT switches to the main movie, the title of the movie is not updated (still showing the title of the intro).

This I can live with, however the running time bar is also not updating.

It shows the running time of the intro (which is relatively short) and therefore skipping forward in the the time bar is as good as impossible.


I hope this can be fixed soon.


One small observation completely unrelated:

It seems external subtitles are now working (actually from a number of versions back) yet it is still on the to do list. Is this still in development?

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FWIW, I am seeing the same thing with MB Intros.  Hopefully this bug will be slayed in an up coming release - as I agree,because of the duration not changing to the movie's duration, I cannot use MB Intros with MBT at this point.  Which is a bummer as I just bought the plugin.   :)

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i see the issue please be patient


Hi Luke.  Any chance this is going to be addressed in the near future?  I appreciate it is probably considered a lower priority item, but at the same time is also forcing (at least for me) a choice between using a paid plug-in or retaining proper time bar functionality.  Both of which are pretty important to me.



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