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PlayOn connection refused errors?


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i'm trying to get the playon plugin to work and noted in other threads that the IP should be set to in the settings of the plugin. I've tried that but, from what can understand there is no response to port 54479 on localhost. Is that the port on which the playon plugin is listening?


I've attached the log of the relevant sections.




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Yes, indeed. Both on the same server. Am I suppose to install some other server system for PlayOn? I thought all i needed to do was install the plugin.

You still need the standalone playon software up and running and fully functional, if that's what you mean:




The emby playon plugin will then talk to the playon software.

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Ah, I see. So PlayOn is a wrapper for some sort of other streaming server: Mmm, I don't like the idea  of some closed source beast running on my server. Does this mean that I have no other way of having the BBC iplayer or Netflix streamed through Emby?

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