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Custom Libraries can not be selected


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I've seen this mentioned but never resolved so I thought I'd offer my notes:

Server Version 3.0.5781.0

App version


I have a library consisting of Art training video's that can not be selected, it shows in the menu next to TV and Movies but pressing on the button shows it being depressed but nothing happening. If I select the option to show media folders in the menu, the folder is shown and I can browse this library with no issues; movies and tv work fine through either menu.
My android devices, web views etc also have no issue with this "personal" library and select it as expected so I'm assuming that whatever "hook" is needed through the normal menu in the Windows Store app is not created for the regular menu but browsing by folder bypasses this issue.


Logs do not show an activity for this "button press" but if you want specific logs let me know and I can pull them.

Thanks for any assistance!

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Just updating since I've not heard if this is an issue or not.

Server updated recently to: 3.0.5781.4

App now on windows 10, new surface pro 4, version still and no change


Personal Art training video's through "library" link fails, through "folders" link works fine.
Thanks for any updates.

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Hey Luke!
Log zipped and attached too large for upload uncompressed, uploading pictures:




This is my main menu in the W10 emby App, as mentioned before the original links work fine in Android. The WHITE arrow at the top is the link the app makes when making a personal media folder, selecting that option will show that as being depressed (meaning it saw that I was clicking on it) but nothing happens, that's why it has the white border in the picture.

The BLACK arrow at the bottom points to where I need to go to access this same media, if I click on the "folders" link I get this (white arrow below):




All links, views, syncing etc from this folder view works fine as shown below.



So I can get to my personal media, but only if I enable the "folders" option on the server. 

Thanks for any info, I'll pull and add the server log shortly.

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And it doesn't display an error? Are you sure that there server log you posted us from the time you clicked the button?

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@ Luke - Correct, no error etc. It just "presses" and nothing happens

@ Vicpa - Yes, that is a "home Movies" type, If this is the incorrect type, please let me know. I thought this was the proper option and I just add covers/data as needed. 

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