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Disable browser startwizard for embedded arm-NAS


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I have NAS-ZyXel NSA310, which runs independent from firmware linux subsystem  based on uClibc.
Some sysinfo:

Linux NSA310 #2 Fri Aug 2 11:21:44 CST 2013 armv5tel GNU/Linux

It is headless device, so it doesn't has nor X Windows, neither browser. But seems like emby server, each time started, emmits error about trying to open start wizard in browser. 

Error launching url: Cannot find the specified file
Cannot find the specified file
Info, SsdpHandler, MultiCast socket created
Error, App, Error launching url: http://localhost:8096/web/wizardstart.html



This seems have some influence to another error, which is displayed continiously only in  terminal window:

Got a bad hardware address length for an AF_PACKET 16 8


Is there a way to disable this behaviour? I mean autoopen browser with startwizard page, when emby service starts?. Attaching output from terminal window, because emby logs doesn't contain error about bad hardware address length.


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just visit that url and step through the startup wizard. once you complete it, it won't do that anymore.

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