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Square Question - Folders


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I like the old way of presenting your media, where the folders where you had content sorted was the view you saw when you entered EMBY.


So for example, I have Videos, TV, Movies, Music Videos and Children.


That is what I want to see when I go into EMBY and when I go into my Movies view.   However, I am seeing something different both when I start EMBY and when I go into Movies.


the Movies one is more bothersome as I just want the list of my movies at that point, but it sorts them by putting folders with Genre, Collections, and two other folders.


I can't seem to undo this. 


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For #1 - look in the "View Configuration" tab in the config inside EMC.


For #2 - go to the web client, click on your user icon, select 'settings', click on 'Home Screen Settings' - see the 'View Styles' section.  You can actually do #1 on this page too.

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