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Accidentally posted in the wrong forum earlier.


I would like to know if there is a way to group my medias as shown in the first picture to that of the fourth picture [i obtained that using a setting in emby which is in picture 2]? However, when i click the "TV" folder, it shows every media labelled as TV as a whole [picture 5].


Is there a way to make it appear as below:


When i click "TV"

Make it appear as

"English Series"  "Japanese Series"  "Anime"


Like making those three appear as a subfolder.


The first picture does this though but i would like to have it more organised.








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First remove "English Series",  "Japanese Series" &  "Anime" from Emby, and then physically organise those folders as subfolders of "TV".


Then add "TV" as a Media Folder of type "Unset (mixed content)" to Emby, and under "Settings > Home Screen Settings > My Views" make sure this TV folder is unchecked.

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