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proposal, rename file from metadata manager


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a small proposal:

a Button at the metadata manager to rename the file on HDD with the name and Date from the matadata.

(better: with a selection with tag to use for rename)


The reason:

My movie file name contain the name and the year of the movie but the release og the movie here in germany is mostly one year later.

WIth the wrong year at the filename the search at the imdb does not find the movie.

I have to remove the year from the search.


That means, i find the movie data but the file name contans the wrong year.

A few week ago my database was corrupt. With the new installation of Emby I need to edit hundreds of entries manually.

Waste time.


greetings Taurec



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I had a similar issue. I spent some time using tiny media manager to change my file naming to include the imdb code. It's pretty worth while to do this as it allows emby to quickly detect the movie

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MAJOR +1 on this. (7 years later)

My entire media catalog on my laptop was lost when I had to restore to factory state. I found that my wife had formatted my backup external hard drive afterwards. I was able to recover the majority of my files, but they are all named weird stuff like "FILE_4785.MP3" and the metadata is gone. Some audio files are very rare and simply not found in the wild, no matter how you search. Because of that, no metadata database will find metadata to auto-rename a couple thousand of my files.

Things would go much smoother and easier if I could just place them in my media server and casually rename them in Emby as I figure out what they are while digging through the catalog manually in my spare time or auto-playing through them and figuring out what it is while I listen at the day job.

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On 9/29/2022 at 12:25 AM, chef said:

Auto organize 2.0 will do this.


I'll give that a look over, thank you!


On 9/29/2022 at 9:43 AM, Bottles51 said:

Also if you store NFO file within your media folder this will not be an issue.


Yeah, that's also something to consider, thank you

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