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PS4 and PS3 DNLA - Folders question


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Not sure if anyone will know an answer to this.  I have a folder that has many films in it.  When I view these movies on the PS4 or PS3 many of them show up in the movies folder with a poster to identify them.  Others show up in another sub folder, and if I click in those, then I see the poster.  Problem is, alphabetically, the folders show up first, throwing off the order.


Any idea why some movies are put in a subfolder?  They are not in subfolders on the hard drive.  Could it be because some are a different file format?


When I view titles on the Roku, this isn't a problem, only on DNLA.


Thanks in advance!

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you can disable this in dlna settings -> enhanced movies view


it creates an extra folder layer for movies that have trailers so that you can also access the trailer

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Thank you Luke!  I'll check that out.


Still hoping for an actual PlayStation app some day.  I find using Emby on PlayStation clumsy, but at least it works!


Thanks again.



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Hello, I'm looking to build a NAS, running FreeNAS and installing Emby. I also have a PS3. If all works out and I build the NAS, how can I access the Emby media server through the PS3? What steps do I need to take in the PS3 settings?


Thank you.

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