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Matching filesytem playback quality


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How do I configure Emby Server and Clients on Windows to give same quality playback as when playing direct from the filesytem?


On our laptops we generally get better quality driving Windows Explorer to \\emby-server\media\show.mkv (or .flv or ...) and playing with VLC than we do pointing a browser (Firefox, Chrome) at http://emby-server:8096/.


While playing a show in browser clicking the cog icon at top right sometimes shows "Direct" as a playback option and sometimes not. Sometimes the max rate is "720p - 10 Mbps" and sometimes "720p - 8 Mbps".  (Our tv is 720p so we don't usually store videos of greater resolution).  Sometimes even playing a 480p video in through Emby is noticeably more grainy than VLC direct (played minutes apart, with no difference in ambient network conditions).


The server is 100mbit wired ethernet to the wifi router. while the clients are WiFi (mixed 11/54Mbps). So it's not a great network, but still shouldn't Emby at least be able to match VLC? And if not, how to add an additional "play" button to launch VLC via "file://emby-server/media/show.mkv" file association?


post-33833-0-80759400-1444460060_thumb.png post-33833-0-65258200-1444460069_thumb.png

post-33833-0-65298200-1444460075_thumb.png post-33833-0-94234700-1444460084_thumb.png

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Using a browser it may not always be possible.  


Oh. What are my options then? I'd like to keep using Emby, the experience for browsing and choosing what to watch is much nicer than a file manager.

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