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Very happy so far! UK user


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I thought I'd post a positive thread to say how pleased I am with Emby TV at this time and look forward to the new releases. 


I have a HD Homerun Connect DVB-T2 tuner connected to my house aerial and network. I have the latest version of Emby and SchedulesDirect lineup. 


I have been running it for 2 weeks proper and whilst the Windows clients are a little slack at this time the Android stuff has really started to improve. Today I watched 3 hrs of the Goodwood Revival on Motors TV continuously through my LG G3 mobile and it was really easy to use. Series recording is working quite well.


Features I am looking forward to in the future:

  • Pausing live tv with a buffer that allows ff and rwding of the stream (ala WMC)
  • Decent windows client
  • remapping of channels to custom numbering
  • Auto re-encoding of TS files to a different container 
  • OSD a bit like WMC for a mini guide whilst watching

A few things that need sorting but it is a great start to work from. Thanks for the effort!

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Thanks for the feedback.


  • OSD a bit like WMC for a mini guide whilst watching


Coming very soon in the new Android TV app...



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