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Emby TV - new setup.. guide/channels are coming in, no playback (web client)


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this is a fairly recent (this week) conversion from SWMC historically to the built-in (no plugin) live tv...after guide task scans.. for hours... and then restricting to only favorite channels to import (108 vs more than 550)... i have a populated/correct lineup of channels.. and guide data showing at this point..


i'm attempting to play a local news (nbc) channel and nothing.. no error but never loads... 


this would have worked with the SWMC backend.. and i can play from the crappy hd view app and/or WMC itself fine..




web client: chrome on win7 x64, version Version 45.0.2454.85 m


server: win7 x64


emby dev: Version 3.0.5728.36038


server log:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/f2ume2d5t3hsbtz/server-63577353600.txt?dl=0



is there any additional logging for the "live tv" or "refresh guide" that i can provide?


are any config details or screencaps of my livetv settings or tuner settings helpful?  let me know.






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thanks for posting.. yea im still fighting with it


i deleted the SD profile/settings completely and re-entered/re-saved them ... this time had the "only import favorite tuner channels" marked from the get so so thinsg could run faster.. well.. lol.. still took more than 2 hrs for all the guide task runs to go through.. 


i have 108 channels.. they display but dont play... the main live tv page displays.. the guide does not... so 2 open issues.. playback and guide for me



updated log with current DEV server


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