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HD Homerun + Emby + Harmony Favourite Channels?


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I've been toying with the idea of getting a Harmony Hub (Ultimate) with remote. It can set up a 'favourite channels' list - but I presume this works with only certain tuner boxes (like TiVo).


Has anyone any thoughts or success stories or ideas on having a Harmony remote work nicely with Emby+HD HomeRun?


What a cool setup - Emby for everything; media and Live TV, and the Harmony remote controlling it, and home automation (and Sonos, etc..)

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I have the harmony ultimate. Generally it works well. Harmony favourites are good but rigid. You enter location and choose provider then filter the channel favourites. It doesnt allow for changing the channel number it enters per channel. i.e. Bbc hd =101. Select the favourite and it presses 1 0 1 enter


Struggling to get the guide working in emby but i am running the newer release that rejigs tv. Works fine with kodi+emby plugin

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