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HDHomerun EXTEND ( bda setup )


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Hello everyone,


I have a question regarding the setup of the HD in relation to EMby.


When setting up the HDHomerun (HDTC-2US), in the bda compatibilty settings it lists numerous options:






and a few others.


I tried Default and it does not work.  Which setting for DBA driver compatibility should I use?



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Where are you finding this? I don't have this anywhere in HDHomeRun Setup or the HDHR's webpage configurator for my Extend.

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When I run HDHomeRun Setup on my windows machine, the first tab ( Configuration ) has Location and BDA Compatibity Mode in the General section.


If I set it to Default, playing LIVE TV and playing recorded TV on my Roku shows nothing but black and maybe some slight sound hiccups.  I have set it to MediaPortal and recordings work and live tv plays decently.  However I was told if Emby is using the BDA driver framework on windows, Default should work.  The other settings force specific formats.


See attached png for the menu settings for my HDHomeRun Extend.


I am not sure if any of the other settings work properly or if Emby is not using the BDA framework properly ?


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