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Problem transcoding on a WD TV Live (WDBAAP000NBK01)

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I am trying to play a video on a WD TV Live (by DLNA)

Some video work perfectly, but some not.

The video that doesn't play is a High profile level 5.0 (so Emby tries to re-encode it, that is correct).

When I start the video, I have a black screen 2-3 sec. then I have a message telling me that the file is not supported.


My problem is that I don't understand what is wrong. I guess that something is wrong in the encoding profile but I have no clue about what.

Can someone please tell me what is wrong?

When I launch the command line manually (in the transcoding long), there is no error.


Here is the information about the video (original with Plex)


  • codec H264
  • Bitrate 2627 kbps
  • Bit Depth 8
  • CABAC 1
  • Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
  • Color Space yuv
  • Durée 25:10
  • Frame Rate 23.976 fps
  • Frame Rate Mode cfr
  • Has Scaling Matrix 0
  • Height 1080
  • Level 5.0
  • Profile high
  • Ref Frames 8
  • Scan Type progressive
  • Stream Identifier 1
  • Width 1920
  • Codec AAC
  • Chaînes Stéréo
  • Bitrate 162 kbps
  • Audio Channel Layout stereo
  • Bitrate Mode VBR
  • Durée 25:10
  • Profile lc
  • Sampling Rate 48000 Hz
  • Stream Identifier 2

EDIT : The same file plays fine in Plex (the transcode is right).

If I look at the transcode.log and I execute the command line (ffmpeg) then I copy the temp file in a USB key, the file reads, so it seems to be a DLNA problem when there is a transcode (as non transcoded video play fine).


EDIT2 : I have put a custom firmware on the WD TV Live and the WD reports that the bitrate of the video is 10000000 kbps  (10M). Is there a parameter to specify so the bitrate (seen by the DLNa clientà is a real one?


Can someone please help me?

Thank you




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