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ISO Playback- Is Emby Theater Transcoding


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Good morning all,


So over the past few weeks I've spent testing Emby Theater on multiple setups in the house, as I have previously used Emby for WMC.


Background Information:


On the external player setup I followed the information in the Sticky in this section.


I accidentally chose None under ISO support.  All my Blu Rays are ripped to ISO format.


Additionally in the Internal Player Settings I chose HDMI for Audio Bitstreaming Mode


So what was weird was the internal player played back the ISO mounted file almost immediately.


So in my theater the Windows 7 PC is connected to an Anthem AVM50V which supports DTS Master Audio and Dolby True HD.


When a Blu Ray was selected for playback the Anthem AVM50V would show it was receiving DTS Master Audio or Dolby True HD depending on which movie was selected and a 1080P video signal.


Lastly, I viewed the Emby Server when files were playing and if I ran the mouse over the PC that was playing a movie it stated it was transcoding.  I don't really think the files were being transcoded because of what the Anthem was showing on it's display.




Can Emby Theater playback ISO files without transcoding or without the use of Arcsoft or PowerDVD?




Thanks for the help in advance.


I'm looking forward to using Emby Theater exclusively,


Cheers manutdsoc20






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