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Fire TV Problems Playing Back Recorded TV Shows


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I recently installed Emby and use it with a SiliconDust HDHomerun Prime 3-tuner device (with cablecard support) on on a LAN in my home. I have subscribed to Schedules Direct and everything seems to be set up properly. I recorded a couple of 30-minute live TV show using a Roku 3 (not a stick, but one with Ethernet cable). These recorded correctly and I was able to play them back on the Roku that was used to record them. They also played back properly from a second Roku 3 that is used with another TV. Both worked flawlessly. I could see the recorded shows in a folder and the artwork and descriptions displayed correctly. I was able to pause, continue, fast forward, rewind, etc. Everything working as it should.


I then tried to play back the programs on an Amazon Fire TV. The Fire TV generates the following error:


Video playback error. Server inaccessible.


The recorded content will not play back at all. The Emby server IS accessible because I can play live TV channels and movies with no problem on the Fire TV. Has anyone else had this problem and solved it?


From what I've seen so far, the Roku 3 is a far more versatile and flexible streaming player than the Fire TV. The biggest advantage of the Fire TV over the Roku is that you can sideload Android Apps. The Roku is not Android based, so you are limited to the Apps they provide.

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