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Collections page blank


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The "Collections" page on Theater is always blank for me. Running theater on the same machine as Server, on Win 10. Have Auto Boxsets plugin enabled. Collections show up in "Metadata Manager", and on the web app, but not in Theater. 


Any ideas why this could be happening?

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Same issue here.

Emby Server Version 3.0.5724.6 installed on Windows 2012R2 running in a VM on ESXi 5.5.

Also installed server on Thecus N5550 for testing, same issue.

Collections show up on Web browser, android phone app and android tv app. Just not on Emby Theater installed on Windows 10.

Reinstalled everything several times, same issue.

Innitially it looked like Endian firewall blocked interzone traffic but I disabled it and the issue remained. Workstations and tv are in the same zone but phone isn't so tv and workstation should have the same issue if it was firewall related.


Collection organisation:



No collections.xml in these folders.


I'm using the Auto BoxSet plugin on the server.

Next weekend I'll install a Windows 7 workstation with Emby Theater to see if that changes anything.

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Yeah, I am getting the same issue as well.  I figured I was doing something wrong because I am new user.  But they have never shown up in Emby Theater for me. Also on Windows 10 Pro if that matters.

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Yep collections dont work on my win10 either. I think Unlikely to be fixed as devs are focussed on the new version of the software that has been redeveloped from scratch.

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I had this all weekend; then very randomly, it started working for me yesterday! (I'm running the beta server release, not a dev one)

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