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Google Drive Stream - Stream Google Drive uploaded files (Different than current Google Drive Plugin)


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I love emby so far from playing around with it for the past day. However I found that the Google Drive plugin for 'syncing' isn't what I'm looking for.


From what I can tell the current plugin allows people to sync their library onto google drive.


What I'm looking for is a method to hotlink to google drive files.


I currently use my google drive to store all my media content, this way when I'm working and travelling I can easily take my media collection with me wherever I go.

With that being said I never do keep local copies of my media because I've dedicated my Google drive as being my media storage.


From what I can tell Emby doesn't have this feature yet. But for people like myself whom use the cloud for storage, we prefer to use the cloud to stream.


Google's video player is really good but they don't have a nice library interface like Emby. Is it possible to make a plugin which utilizes Google Drives video player architecture to stream? This would avoid the need for Emby to re-encode the stream locally and upload to google drive via sync plugin.


I see direct hot link playback as being a win win situation on many levels seeing as the encoding work doesn't have to be done locally and is automatically handled by Google.

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