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Web Client Clock And Last Login


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Please forgive me if these have been requested before.


Using the emby web client a lot on full screen (sorry I already posted this before, but just realised to the wrong section), I miss having a clock and find myself constantly waking the phone to get the time, this would ideally be user (profile) based option to turn on or off and would display on the main top bar (central) so it was on all pages. So its not in your face a mid grey shade so it visible against the black but not so much it sticks out like a sore thumb (just a suggestion).



The second feature I would like to see, like on the overlay that appears when your browsing your media (ie when you hover over something with your mouse), this would also happen on the server back end configuration (users page), so when you hovered over a user it would display their last login time. I do realise that this is sort of already available on the recent activity page in a round about way, this is fine and it has its place to be there, but it would also be useful to have this (as I said above) as an overlay or somewhere once you select the user, but I think an overlay would work well.

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