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Can someone please sanity-check my metadata locations?


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Hi there,


I posted a question over at the IMDB IBN People Downloader thread concerning People images, and then realized I might not have my IBN stuff setup correctly.


From the Server front page, here're my folder locations:





From the Metadata page, here's my Metadata Path location:





Here's my IBN structure:





From the first screenshot, should the Metadata path read: M:\IBN\Metadata ?





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I realized today that none of my people images were not being displayed either along with my custom icons (listed issue in another post as you know).  I checked all the locations they were previously and they are there and intact.  So I am not sure why they are not showing.  In the old version you could manually clear the cache and rebuild and it took care of the issue.  But I am not sure how to do that in this version. 


As to your question, I don't believe you need to specify the location due to it being a default location (as in your pics) and you only need to do so if you want to specify a location for whatever reason.  I have the box checked "save metadata and images as hidden files".  The funny thing is I will see a custom icon or person pic here and there, randomly.  So I know the app is somewhat working and thus why I believe its a cache issue. 


Sorry for no real answer.  I think they are working out those issues and thus the lack of answers, simply cause they don't have them yet.  Give them some more time and eventually they will figure it out:)

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Those two paths I believe should be the same, they are on my setup when I changed them.


From "path"



From Metadata-Advanced



jayTcold  are you seeing any duplicated folders in M:\IBN and M:\IBN\Metadata?

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My people have disappeared.  I had cover art issues mentioned above and deleted the folders to which upon rebuild, corrected the issues.  I also deleted the people folder and it simply placed empty "persons" folders there and will not download any images.  What Am I doing Wrong?

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