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Subtitle location and how to delete


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Hi All,

I'm using Windows Media Centre and it automatically plays films with subtitles that have been downloaded.


I've changed the settings to stop the download of subtitles as all my collection is in English so I don't need them, but can anyone tell me where the subtitle files are stored so that I can delete them for the films they've been downloaded for already.

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Subtitles are stored in directly in your media folder for each film.


Easiest way is to open top level media folder. Lets say Movies_1 and do a search for




it should show all files with that extension. Have a look and see that you are happy with the results and then do a CTRL+A to select all and then delete the lot of them.

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Hi Luke and Cheesegeezer,

Thanks guys but I have checked the film's folder and also checked the whole of my movie drive and searched for .srt files but not a single one shows up.  For one particular movie the Emby metadata screen states there are 2 x French and 2 x English. See screenshot below:



The next image is of the relevant movie folder:



and this image is of my whole movie folder:



Last is the Windows Media Centre screen for the movie and you can see the subtitle files are listed:



I've even search my whole machine for subtitle files but have not a single one show up.



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They must be embedded in the mkv. If you view the movie detail screen in the web client and scroll down to see the media info it will give you the video audio and subtitle details for the movie, it will list all the subtitles, the format and weather they are internal or external

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