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Live TV with Emby on Android TV with HDHOMERUN gives Server Inacessible


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I have a Nvidia Shield with Android TV v5.1


I can connect to Emby Server on the same same and play recorded content, no problem


I get the Playback Error Server Inaccessible error when I try Live TV with HDHOMERUN (HDTC-2US)


Live TV will run from FireFox on the Android TV, no problem.  But NOT from Chrome (go figure)


It was working on another Android TV box just fine until a recent update from android 5.0.2 --> 5.1  so I am suspicious that then new Android TV version is blocking the content somehow.


Also, live TV works on other non-android devices, no problem.  So I "think" my server setup is "good'.


See attached .log files  





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Is there a beta of Emby Android that I can subscribe to?


I just now upgraded HDHOMERUN to the latest version.  20150615.


Problem remains as described.


All other tools for live tv (Plex channel, HDHomeRun .apk, Firefox with IP address to Emby Server, Kodi with HDHomeRun add on) work.


The thing I am missing is the live tv / schedule / record / playback that the Emby.apk will bring to my Android TV box.


I'm hoping to get this resolved well ahead of the Windows 10  rollout so that I can leave windows 8.1 and WMC behind.


Thanks, in advance for any help.


BTW - I'm using Emby version 1.0.51g from the Google Play Store and Emby Server Version 3.0.5641.4 (which I'm sure is in the logs, but I'll show it here, as well)

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There is no current beta but the current release is version 53.  I'm not sure that will address this particular problem though since I haven't seen it reported anywhere else.

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For anyone interested, I have a work around to watch live tv on the Nvidia Shield that works well while waiting on a planned update to the shield.


I installed Chrome, and VLC and run Chrome through sidelauncher.  I enter the IP of the HDHomeRun tuner (i.e. 192.168.1.xxx).  That brings up the HDHOMERUN web interface.  I can use the selection for the channel that I want.  Pick VLC as the player.  and wow - beautiful Video and Audio,  even closed caption options, if I want.


Below is the anouncement from NVIDIA that should make the easier option of Emby Live TV work, again.  I'd like to also comment that Emby Live TV works on Amazon Fire TV box as well as the new Razer Forge TV.  So, all in all - this is hugely encouraging.



MPEG-2 support + Guide for using HDHomeRun network attached TV tuner with SHIELD
We are happy to announce that we will expose our MPEG-2 hardware engine to Android TV apps in an update this month. It will be up to app developers to design apps to take advantage of our MPEG-2 acceleration.
Guide for HDHomeRun Models:
1) HDHomeRun CONNECT = supports free broadcast TV
In order to watch in HD, this product requires MPEG-2 decode in SHIELD, coming in a SHIELD Update this month. It is recommended to use Ethernet with this setup.
2) HDHomeRun EXTEND = supports free broadcast TV 
This product transcodes broadcast TV to H.264 in 720p (which SHIELD supports today).
3) HDHomeRun PRIME = supports premium cable channels (requires cable subscription)
In order to watch in HD, this product requires MPEG-2 decode in SHIELD, coming in a SHIELD Update this month. It is recommended to use Ethernet with this setup.
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So, this is a good news, bad news kinda post.


I found one more interesting fact in this.  I received a new Nividia Shield with the 500 GB option.  Started up, installed Emby.apk.  Started Emby and logged in.


And IT WORKS!!!.


Now for the bad news, I upgraded from the factory installed Andorid TV with the new build waiting on the desktop to the newer Version 5.1 and rebooted.




SO, it's definitely linked to the new android build.


I am attaching the log files showing the Working EMBY and the Non-working emby attempts.


I hope this is beneficial.  I'm sure the Shield will be popular with Emby TV.


Thanks, in advance for looking at this.


p.s. the full error message is "Video Playback Error - Failed to load video"


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