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Hi,  Sorry to dredge up an old subject but I think there is a solution to a problem. I would love to be able to add music video en mass and have emby automatically do some stuff to make my library pretty. If using a naming convention Artist - Title, could it be made to automatically fill those fields in on the metadata, then look within the local library to link it to Artist and Album and use the same art library as the music one. No external DB required, and you don't need to link to music you haven't got. I don't know how difficult this would be to do but I would love it.


Any thoughts?

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I have no thoughts..........      But I agree.....   http://imvdb.com/   could be the external DB though...   I too would like to have pretty music videos.....  I did one by hand and it sucked, putting all of the correct images in, copy past description...  but my one Taylor Swift music video sure looks nice... as for the others.....  I'm just gonna have to deal with it until the Emby Crew comes up with something.


as a side note, anyone have anything to clean up or automagically ID music videos? 

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Yeah, I don't know how many music vids there are on IMDB, would be good for cameos of actors, to show up on an actor page. Wikipedia is a good source too. But to keep it simple initially would be good if they just used what we already have from musicbrainz via the internal DB. 


I started doing the cut and paste bit from wiki, then copying the artwork from my music folders but it is quite laborious, then I lost my film drive so i am having to go through my DVD's again (better quality this time though), but that is taking all my time. I would love to be able to throw music vids at it and it do some simple stuff just to lighten the load. It would be server side perfection for me then.


I haven't looked for a music video tagger for a while, might give it another go. In the meantime Please Devs Please.  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D  :D . Make it a plug in.

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