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Question about using "Mixed Content"


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Hi, I have a few folders set up for mixed content in the hope the content won't show up in my TV or Movies sections of the system. i have a documentary section for some of the one off documentaries that I have that aren't  in a series format, a Concerts and Music documentary section and a stand up comedy section. Most of these are on the IMDB and I have filled in the IMDB number on the metadata manager and it has found the metadata, the only problem is now my movies section is full of documentaries even though the content is set as inherit. Should this happen? I would love it if only what is set as a movie is in the movie section and use folder view to get to the other content.

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I have my Anime folder set up in a similar way, since I wanted both the Anime "Movies" and the "Series" (and all the ones between) in one place. I also tend to be in a mood for Anime, as opposed to my more general browsing for stuff so this works great. Here is how I have mine set up:


- I have top level folders for TV, Movie, Music, Anime. These are all of the appropriate type except Anime - that is mixed/unset

- Under user preferences for my only account I have "Automatically group content..." checked for everything except Anime

- In my Anime folder, I have Movies at the top level (appears to identify correctly) and a folder for Series (set to TV type). I wish there was a way to have the TV shows at the same level as movies, so advice welcome if you have figured it out.


I suspect your problem is the second bullet point.

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Doh!, thanks for that. Right under my nose. I think you can do what you want to do, as I have just made changes the folders that I have unchecked have appeared at the top of my screen. So I recon you could throw them all into the same folder as mixed folder. I have done this before, albeit a long time ago and it worked alright, I had to refresh a bit of metadata at times, maybe manually add an imdb number but it worked okay.

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I may try again, but placing the series at the same level as the movies broke the metadata. Here is what I had (which didn't appear to work):


Anime/ <- Library mixed

Anime/Akira <- Set to Movies (works fine)

Anime/Appleseed  <- Set to Movies (works fine)

Anime/AD Police Files <- Set to TV (broken, makes the Series unrecognized and treats the Season folders as broken Series)


What does work:

Anime/Anime Series/AD Police Files <- with the Anime Series folder set to TV, everything inherits properly


I think I even tried locking the Series, and moving it, but it still broke.


Any advice is welcome, but I have kinda gotten use to it (except I need a good poster/thumb for that Anime Series folder!)

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