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Found 10 results

  1. I've deleted and re-added my TV shows library and each time, Emby changes it to "Mixed Content" instead of TV shows. Is there a reason for this or do I have a setting dictating this?
  2. Currently i have 4 libraries in total of which 2 are Mixed Content Library ( Anime and Documentary ). Both of these mixed content libraries are having some issue in displaying items in the latest Section where its displaying only 1,2 items for some reason . Movie and Tv based library on other hand is totally fine and shows 15,16 items normally I have attached 3 screenshots showing that both these libraries have only 1,2 items in latest section and their My Media content is large enough to display 15-16 items maximum like it is doing for Movie and TV based library
  3. Hi, One of my libraries is for music video content. I have it set as a "mixed content" library type. It contains mp4 (or other video type) DVD rips, TV downloads and video from other sources such as YouTube, etc. If the content is a single file of a single item, it is in the Music Video directory. If there is multiple pieces of content associated with an artist then I have created a directory for that artist and included all of the associated content in that directory. If the content is a film rip with extras then that is in yet another sub-directory. Here is an example: F:\Musi
  4. I have recently been trying to setup a Pro Wrestling library in Emby. Before I started setting things up, I did some forum research to see the best library type for this purpose and this thread (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/68025-folder-structure-being-recognized-as-series/) indicated either a Mixed Content library or Home Video library would likely be the best. I opted for the Mixed Content type. By its nature, Pro Wrestling is generally a mix of three content types: Weekly episodic TV series, each spread across multiple years of "seasons" (e.g. WWE Raw, WCW Nitro, et
  5. This may be down to my file structure, but thought I would check if I was missing something. I have a WWE library (Mixed Content), containing weekly shows and PPV's. Weekly shows are being treated by cover art, but PPV's are only being treated at DVD level, not folder levels File structure for PPV's: PPV (folder) > WWE Royal Rumble (folder) > WWE Royal Rumble 2020 (2020) (folder containing video file) The folders (PPV, WWE Royal Rumble) are not being treated, but WWE Royal Rumble 2020 (2020) is being treated. I have set folder treatment in cover art, so thought it would work
  6. @@Luke I am running version and I have no complaints but before updating would you please be so kind to enlarge on the release note "Various fixes for mixed content detection" Since I converted all my content = movies to content = mixed will this change effect the nested movie folders detection? Also since my Documentary library has movies and TV shows in them again will this change effect the detection.
  7. tarnalcock

    Mixed Folder Conundrum

    Hi Guys, I am struggling a little with something. Previously I had a catch-all folder for documentaries (movies & series). I would just have a "movie Title (year)" folder for each movie and a "series title" folder for each series in said folder. Suddenly it would not add series anymore, nor recognize episodes in my auto organize folder. This was mixed content. So I tried emptying the folder, removing it from the library, re-scanning and adding all the stuff again. Once again all of the movie-type documentaries were recognised and scraped automatically, but the series were not.
  8. plessers@gmail.com

    Mixed content does not recognize *.jpg?

    Hello, I have created a library of mixed content, pointing to my directory that contains: On the webinterface, I only see 2 files: the *.mov and *.mp4-file Is it possible to display also the other files? *.mts, *.jpg, ... Kind regards, Bart
  9. imadunatic

    Home Videos/Unmatched Content in Kodi

    I know that Home Videos are still on the todo list and I only recently noticed that they were even missing from Kodi; however, I'm wondering if it could be troublesome to add the SMB share directly to kodi for my "Random Episodes" folder? My only concern is Kodi then controlling a portion of the database and possibly corrupting something if both Kodi and the Emby addon were attempting access at the same time. The folder only contains episodes for which there is no information or I just have a couple random episodes and don't want to create a separate folder for it (like random Dateli
  10. Hi, I have a few folders set up for mixed content in the hope the content won't show up in my TV or Movies sections of the system. i have a documentary section for some of the one off documentaries that I have that aren't in a series format, a Concerts and Music documentary section and a stand up comedy section. Most of these are on the IMDB and I have filled in the IMDB number on the metadata manager and it has found the metadata, the only problem is now my movies section is full of documentaries even though the content is set as inherit. Should this happen? I would love it if only what is s
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