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MB Intros 3.0 - Unable to add some fields


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I am currently running MB3 Server version 3.0.5070.20258.  I also have a registered version of MB Intros v3.0.  I have used Intros in Mediabrowser for years and finally have gotten around to installing it with MB3. 

I have created a profile for my children which basically use my movie collection, but only giving them access to movies with a PG rating or lower.

The problem I am having is I am unable to add some of the intro options.

When I attempt to add Random Into, I am able to map to where the video I want is mapped. Once I have the correct path in the “Current Path” window I hit okay and it appears to accept it, however it does not appear in the “Intros (in the order they will play)” window. When I click on the Current and My Trailers option nothing gets added as well.

I am able to add Specific Intro, This Trailer, Tag, Video Format, Audio Format, Certification, and Aspect Ratio with no issues.

I am guessing I am missing something simple so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please let me know if more information is needed.


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$10 says you are using IE.  Unfortunately, the latest versions of IE have some problems with some of our web interface components.   We're trying to nail them down but, until we do, you will just have to use a different browser.

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Ah, okay, I thought this was wrapped up in the IE issues.  I'm using the directory picker for that function.  Let me know if it is something in the way I'm utilizing it.

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