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Latest version (2.2.90 Released 5/6/15) black screens and crashes whilst browsing


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I mentioned this on the Facebook post and I'm still trying to find logs etc to post.


Basically the issue I've had is that whilst I'm just browsing around the app, it will suddenly black screen and crash out, returning to phone's home page.


Device used is a Sony Xperia Z3 running Android 5.0.2


I will add logs - as soon as I can find them...

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Hi, when this happens, can you use the send error report function. It will get sent to us. thanks.

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Thanks, Luke


It doesn't come up with that option though - just black screens and returns to home screen.

It could very well be an issue with my phone - nobody else seems to be having the problem and my phone hasn't been running well in general since upgrading it to Lollipop - but I won't have another android device to try on until Amazon Marketplace makes it available for my kindle fire.


If it does come up with the report option, though, I will definitely use it.



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Sorry, this problem can be closed - my phone has started doing the same with other apps now, so I'm pretty certain it's a problem with my phone and nothing to do with your app at all.



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