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Permissions set correctly on mounted NAS folders (Ubuntu 15.04)?


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I just installed the latest Ubuntu 15.04 Emby Server install (using Ubuntu 15.04 files from 05/30/2015).


I selected the default user 'emby' during the installation.


Emby Server is running successfully.  I added a media location (see screenshot) using a mounted NAS folder apparently without any error messages.




However, it's not pulling up any movies.


Looking at the permissions on the mounted NAS folder, they appear correct (see screenshot):




Group:  emby
Access:  Read & Write 


Am I missing some other permissions?



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The user that Emby is running as must have permissions to get all the way down TO that folder. ie: it needs to have Read and eXecute perms in:




My guess is that /home/allen is only accessible by the allen user.

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