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Series description looks weird


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i've got some problems with the description of my series.

They overlap and looked weird.


The server version is 3.0.5607.2


And the Samsung App version is 0.588


Could someone confirm this problem?





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It looks like you have about 3 different languages going on there.  I'll take a look, but don't believe I've ever seen that before for any of my series

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The description of the episode should only be on the left for the episode which is currently highlighted.  The right side should be the list of episode #s and then the episode name, not the description again as you are showing.

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Alright i've checked this, some of the series were correct named (like yours) but some of them got all of the episode names in one name...


I think this is not a problem with the App on Samsung, sorry my bad :(


i think i should check the metadata of my series... Maybe there are some problems with the source of german descriptions... 

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It should be displaying something similar to what you see in the webclient.  Here is a recommended library configuration if that may help, maybe



Yeah, thanks!

I found my problem...

Some episodes have the following naming:



so emby thinks it is "season 12 episode 01-108".....

I think i need to run a script which delete the -1080p or rename the the episodes to something different.. 


Thanks for your help! :)



renaming the episodes to: tvp-taahm-s12e01_1080p solved the problem :)

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