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Enhanced roku descriptions hack


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This is for people already using developer mode on their roku. You can side-load this onto a nowTV, or roku. Basically this is the official roku client, with a few hacks. Adds more detail to 2nd description lines making it easier to know ahead of time what is where, and when things go wrong. I attached a few screenshots below, pay close attention to descriptions now. Every Screen that uses a layout similar to the "homescreen" should now have expanded details shown. The music player, when there are lots of songs contained in a single album was very slow to let you change songs. I removed its normalization to speed this up considerably. I also added the album artist to the music screen, so "various artist" albums you can see the actual artist performing the song. I also have changed the "options" line at the very bottom. It displays the server and user its connected to, making it easier to change server or switch users. It's too many changes to submit through Github without seeing if anybody even wants this. So lets find out. Use the url above, and see what you think.







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