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Questions, one Comment! Web "users" Security, Scan Media Library


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Hello this is for the developers, first, GOOD JOB, clean nice, un-cluttered web interface/client.  Server is coming along nicely as well!   I will be donating again, I don't give money for software often, especially free software.      




1. How secure is the web client interface..  I have not dug yet, but I plan to use media browser as a subsonic replacement.  I want to give users access to my server.  But I don't want to open any huge security holes.    As developers you know the back end well, what could you do from my web client with no login?   and/or what could you do with a standard user login?


2.  The media scanning seems to crash out often...    it always says "stopping" at random times, no errors in logs, service just seems to restart.  Also i have set the scheduled trigger to once a day at 1am and i'm finding the server scanning at random times throughout the day still...  i removed all other triggers, all that remains is the new daily trigger.


3. i would like to customize the web interface that the media browser team has already worked so hard to perfect...    Like, add my own logo on the dashboard..   Is this possible?   or do i have to tear down the program and re compile?    (again didn't dig to far yet... didn't look through directories and see what is available for playing)


4. Feature Request:  A download button, so (myself of course) can download my media remotely via a web client?



MEDIA:  MP3's 142,404 (no doubled songs for one album)

Music Videos 12,476

Movies uncompressed mpeg 310 (just started last year with movies!)

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