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New Episode Report Option


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Feature request for a couple of new report features.  I like using the episode report with the missing episode filter to see what's missing from my TV library but it has the draw back of doing exactly what it says :) which results in a lot of episodes listed because I'm missing seasons.  The season report with missing episode filter gives a nice report of missing seasons but I'd like a new filter on the episode report that would show missing episodes in existing seasons.  That would remove the "noise" of all the episodes that are missing where the whole season is missing.  Or maybe just change the missing episode feature so if the whole season is missing I get 1 line that reports the season is missing instead of a row for each episode in that season.  It would probably take my report from 20 pages down to 2-3 pages.

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You should check out Sonarr (https://sonarr.tv/) if you don't want to use it as a PVR you could at the very least use it's library functions to identify what is missing.


Perhaps you want to check out the other threads on it around this forum.


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