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Using madVR & Emby Theater looks great


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Emby Theater has made videos look very grainy, even things like logos or subtitles were effected. After running into an issue with not being able to see subs because they were positioned too low on the screen while using Emby Theater, I searched and found mention of someone uninstalling and reinstall to fix their issue but also people mentioned using "madVR". The only problem is no one seemed to specifically say HOW to use "madVR". That left me adjusting settings in it's config but not seeing any changes and I came to find out it has to be selected from within Emby Theater as the video renderer!


To set MadVR as your renderer in Emby Theater do the following:


Click the icon in the top right of Emby Theater to display the menu and choose "SETTINGS"


Click the + next to "VIDEO RENDERER" until it says "madVR".




Enable Smooth Motion and set Smooth Motion Mode if you see fit.


madVR comes with various versions of the K Lite Codec pack or can be downloaded by itself.


For some settings and info about configuration for madVR, I found this page helpful:



After switching to madVR my image looks awesome and the subtitles are in the proper position! Be sure to "tweak" your settings based on how good your system is to get the most benifit out of madVR.


Good luck!

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