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[AndroidTV] Seeking and other misc. suggestions/feature requests


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I've been using the AndroidTV app lately and I'm almost ready to replace kodi as my main consumer of emby media. Here's some suggestion to improve it further.


1. Seeking

 a) Add a transcode progress indicator.

 B) Allow the seek cursor to move freely at all times (even if the video is "loading")


a) is for when I want to go back and forth in some videos, if I seek too much ahead it resets the transcoding and then going back resets it again causing multiple waits. If I know not to seek ahead too far I can just wait a bit since transcoding is fast enough and keep the "buffer data".


As for B), you just need to look at the youtube androidtv app, seeking back and forth is smooth, you can even hold the fast forward button and it moves across the seek bar smoothly.


2. Properly reset card images/data

I'm talking about the image cards that display episode thumbnails for example. When you scroll through them very fast, because the card objects are being reused, they still display the old data until the app fetches new data. This is often distracting and just a peeve of mine :P


3. Pre-transcode tv series episodes

This is more of a server thing but might just as well put it here. 

It would be cool if the server could pre-transcode episodes for certain devices. You would pick the devices and users and the server would pre-transcode all the episodes of the "next-up" list and use that pre-transcoded data for playback on the devices. Oh and probably add a # of episodes ahead to add, so we can set it to 2 for example and the server would be transcoding the next episode while we watch the current one.


edit: I posted early by mistake, let me finish writing up

edit2: all done

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1) YouTube pre-codes all its videos so it is simply feeding you a stream.  In our case we are often transcoding on the fly making seeking much less fluid.


3) I believe you can accomplish this now using cloud or folder sync.

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For 1) the problem is that I often have to wait until the transcoding returns some data until I can seek again. Maybe add a delay until it sends a transcode request and allow the cursor to move until the delay timer runs out?

If I want to seek to the middle of a movie I can use the auto generated chapters, but it's a much less "organic" way to do it and I still have to wait for all the transcoding requests to get to the exact time.


I'll take a look at the folder sync, I saw it some time ago in the announcement and thought it was a media backup solution.

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Folder sync is almost perfect for the nexus player. My anime still causes transcoding (probably due to the .ass subtitles) but it works beautifully for the rest of my stuff :)


Thanks for the attention Eric.

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