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Disable Access to User Preferences removes settings for device area as well


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I like to control my user preferences as the server admin, it was brought to my attention that this prevents my users to be able to get to the one area that matters especially for web client users that may change browsers or use a different pc often. Settings for this device section is not available for them to turn off prefs for theme songs, backdrops, external vlc but most important the bandwidth.


The toggle I'm using is Disable Access to User Preferences and the description reads 


If enabled, only administrators will be able to configure user profile images, passwords, and language preferences.


Which is exactly what I'm after but I would like them to have a option in the slide out menu to get to the settings for this device area still.



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@@Luke since this got buried I thought I would page you. As of 3.0.5597 the original post issue still exists and with this version the user profile has been added to the left menu and when a user clicks on their picture/name in that left menu it immediately takes them to preferences area even when a user is not granted permissions to the preferences area.



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