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Movie Theme Videos Plugin


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Movie Theme Videos

Downloads Theme Videos for Movies



Theme Videos for Movies
The Movie Theme Videos Plugin will download Movie Intros where available to your local media library in the correct format and location required by the MediaBrowser 3 Server.
Once installed and the movie theme intro videos downloaded,they will appear as backdrops whilst browsing your collections.
As Theme Videos are supported by the Media Browser server, any client/theme can make use of them if they choose to.

Current supported Clients & Themes

Due to the nature of this plugin, a trial is offered which only downloads shows beginning with the letter A. Registering will give complete download of all available

For support, please post HERE


Revision History (Release)

API Update & Performance enhancements (Release)

API Update and delay added to reduce server load (Release)

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Another 283 Theme Videos added! Run your Plugin Now!


Obviously you might not have all of the 283 themes added but it should at least add a good chunk more for each user of the plugin! :-D


A massive thanks to DigiTM for his contribution to the project!

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New Release (

In the latest release of the TV and Movie Theme Video/Song Plugins, a new filter has been added  to prevent the download of a theme if its not wanted it in your collection.
When the plugin downloads a theme in the future, a new filter item will automatically be added to the plugins configuration page. If that theme is then deleted from your collection, the theme will never be downloaded again.
If you change your mind, simply enter the plugins configuration page and delete the filter from the list, and run the scheduled task again.
You can also add filters manually by clicking the + icon and entering the Movie/TV Show name in the box (this must be written exactly the same was as displayed in the items details screen)



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Movie Theme Videos Released!

Added Custom Maximum Volume for Audio Normalisation features.

Configure it through the Plugins Configuration Page

The lower the number the quieter it will be. So -30 is really quiet, -15 is normal, 0 is really loud!


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Another 117!!! Movie Theme Videos added! Run your Plugin Now!


There has been a drip feed of themes added over the past few weeks but time hasn't really been allowing to post about it but this is an additional 117!


A massive thanks to @DigiTM, @@Ghostm and @@newfiend for their Massive contributions to the project!


If you want to get involved in the project, drop me a pm

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  • 2 weeks later... Released!


Support for new MBS server

Filter list now alphabetical (may require a CTRL+F5 on the plugin config page on first use)

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