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Hi Guys,


I have installed just Lav codecs because I found that trying to configure Shark codecs for Mediabrowser within Media Center too difficult to maintain for all types of TV & Movie files.


The main issue for me is that unless you use AC3 filter, the volume is extremely low within Media Center.


I want to use Windows Media Player as an external player but not sure where I find the command lines for it to shutdown Media Player once a file has played.


Do you still have to input command lines for this to work?


I know when I had this setup on Mediabrowser before 3 was developed there were a few commands.


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Not sure what you mean by use Windows Media Player as an external player, MBC will use WMP as default, did you mean MPC-HC? 


For the sound issue, go to control panel -> sounds -> playback. Select your playback device and go to properties. Click on the enhancements tab and select Loudness Equalization -> apply. Should fix your volume problems. NOTE: not available on all playback devices.

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