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Haswell i3 vs Pentium. Hyperthreading make a diff for transcoding?


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I'm going to build a new server and use a Asus H87I-Plus itx board and need to pick a cpu to go with it.  I was looking at getting a dual core Pentium G3220 but notice that the i3 cpus included Hyperthreading.  Will the additon of hyperthreading be useful for transcoding?  The i3 is about twice as much as the G3220 right now and rather not spend the money if it will not be of much benefit.  

From what I have been able to look up, both should be as good as or better than a Core2Duo 8500 correct?  

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I believe hyperthreading adds up to about 20% increase in trans-coding performance. So ya its useful for transcoding / video editing. And yes both of those CPU's are faster than the core 2 duo. 


For example: My old core 2 duo used to take 1h30m - 2h to convert a bluray, My i5 takes about 30-40m. Both worked fine, but the i5 does the job faster.





Here's a benchmark of a CPU w/ and without HT


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Thanks, thats answers my question.  Now I just need to figure out if the cost is worth the extra money and that would really depend on my usage. 

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