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v585 Clicking Info or Tools during album playback brings up movie data


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Problem:  After playing a movie and then playing an album under music if you click Info it brings up the information of the last movie played and clicking Tools brings up the chapter/position screen like movies.


Additionally, all other buttons are disabled after clicking Info/Tools so you can't stop, skip, exit, etc.  Music just keeps playing until the end of the album is reached and then you can't do anything else (except click Info or Tools again)


Expected result: when clicking the Info button that it brings up the help screen and clicking Tools brings up the main menu when playing an album after a movie


Steps to recreate error:

1.  Play a movie (or part of)

2.  Play a music album

3.  Click Info on remote (last movie data comes up)

4.  Click Tools on remote (chapter/position comes up)

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not confirmed 100% repeatability.....but invariably pressing return (back) whilst album plays..results in return to logon screen prematurely..

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