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Scrolling up/down within Album, Album Artist and Artist brings up tools menu v581


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App Version: .581

Server Version: 3.0.5557.20000


Description: Scrolling up/down a list of songs within Album, Album Artist and Artist brings up the Tools Menu if you scroll up past the top line containing Play All, Queue All, etc. 


Severity: minor issue.  More of an annoyance if you hit the up arrow too many times, but easy to do since the app doesn't highlight the options in the top row like in other areas (reported already)


Steps to recreate:

1. Navigate to Music

2. Choose any album artist (or album or artist)

3. Choose any album

4. Scroll down then up past the top of list and past "Play All"

5. Tools Menu automatically pops up

6. Hit return


Expected result: That when scrolling up it would stop at "Play All" like it does within a playlist (does NOT bring up the Tools menu)

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