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MB BookShelf: How can I show metadata from .CBZ


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I have some Comics saved with ComicRack they are .cbz files with the ComicInfo.xml inside the .cbz 

But I see no info and or Covers on my MB what did I wrong?


See the ComicInfo.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ComicInfo xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
  <Title>Nabuko Donosor Loopt Voor De Voeten</Title>
  <Series>De Avonturen Van Urbanus</Series>
    <Page Image="0" ImageSize="887887" ImageWidth="1238" ImageHeight="1751" Type="FrontCover" />
    <Page Image="1" ImageSize="411628" ImageWidth="1142" ImageHeight="1704" />
    <Page Image="2" ImageSize="752187" />
    <Page Image="3" ImageSize="751608" />
    <Page Image="4" ImageSize="796084" />
    <Page Image="5" ImageSize="777599" />
    <Page Image="6" ImageSize="786943" />
    <Page Image="7" ImageSize="792737" />
    <Page Image="8" ImageSize="820029" />
    <Page Image="9" ImageSize="790186" />
    <Page Image="10" ImageSize="756773" />
    <Page Image="11" ImageSize="741008" />
    <Page Image="12" ImageSize="756722" />
    <Page Image="13" ImageSize="775928" />
    <Page Image="14" ImageSize="781187" />
    <Page Image="15" ImageSize="767359" />
    <Page Image="16" ImageSize="738407" />
    <Page Image="17" ImageSize="741337" />
    <Page Image="18" ImageSize="770587" />
    <Page Image="19" ImageSize="763907" />
    <Page Image="20" ImageSize="757558" />
    <Page Image="21" ImageSize="773083" />
    <Page Image="22" ImageSize="788950" />
    <Page Image="23" ImageSize="751696" />
    <Page Image="24" ImageSize="732666" />
    <Page Image="25" ImageSize="760677" />
    <Page Image="26" ImageSize="766117" />
    <Page Image="27" ImageSize="742001" />
    <Page Image="28" ImageSize="765946" />
    <Page Image="29" ImageSize="718555" />
    <Page Image="30" ImageSize="716206" />
    <Page Image="31" ImageSize="749844" />
    <Page Image="32" ImageSize="872478" />
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MBBookshelf doesn't have the ability to extract the comicinfo.xml from the archive. The file has to be external.


So far the only tags that are read are Title, Summary, Publisher, Writer. I should look at adding Genre and Series.

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Thanks for your reaction so When  save the .xml separate from the .cbz it Should work and do I have to save the cover also?

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Alwin, yes for now you'll need to save both the cover and xml separate from the file.


Luke. I knew that cbz's were zips.and cbr's are rar files. Do you think the iZipClient might support rar too, or is that just wishful thinking. I've been trying to avoid embedding any external libraries in a server plugin, so I'd love a solution that doesn't require that.

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Thanks again for now I extract my files and put those files separate to the cbz. I hope You'll find a solution to extract this info from the cbz or cbr :) in the future 

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Unfortunately, I can't get the Metadata visible. I have the XML extracted from the cbz and stored as comicname.xml no luck, saved as comicname-ComicInfo.xml still no luck what is the right way?.

When I manually import into the web interface he data is visible and remembered but I don't see a saved xml or something similar. Please help me again..


Hope you understand my terrible English  :P

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Are all your comic issues in one directory, or do you have one directory per issue?

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when I wrote that xml provider I only wrote it to support each comic in a folder of it's own. I'll remedy that in a release in the near future.

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Ah that's explains it :-) ok I'll wait for a future release thanks after-all for all your help and work.

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Strange behavior when I put my Comics in separate folders.

It gets metadata from the Vinescraper but instead of folder.jpg I get folder.octet-stream files when I manual rename this files to folder.jpg it seems to be correct but I don't like to do 500+ commics manual :) hope you can fix this also :-) I Know it seems like I'm the only one who use this function :)

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