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DLNA Truncating Album Artist Numbers on Samsung TV


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My Samsung TV only sees 37 of 700 album artists..(The same first 37 every time)

Odd thing is it has no problem seeing 100s of genres, 1000s of albums..

None of the other dlna clients on network have a problem seeing all 700.


Great thing is that DLNA Browsing is by far the fastest and most responsive of all client types  for music,

all the views are cached and it is very quick to navigate around (helped by reduced artwork in ui no doubt)


Any other Samsung users seeing more than 37 Album Artists? able to replicate this issue? thanks.



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As i move album artist folders in and out of the library and rescan, the number 37 changes to another number.

for a given set of folders/album artists/scan, the number is constant....interestingly when i started with my full set of album artists i got list of 37 album artists.

i removed a few...and it jumped to 75 album artists...

put them all back again..rescan  and im at constant 35 now....for the same set of artists.....Its fine for other clients so maybe just have to accept Samsung is no good....


troubleshooting is not helped by MB3 changing the path to artist on metadata editor to IBN (when i remove artist folder from library..but have residual non album files by artist) and not putting the path back again to W:\Music\Artist when i put the folder back...but i think this is a red herring..


also not helped by Samsung TV thinking "W:\Music\Band, The" for album artist 'The Band'.....places the 'The Band' after 'Basia Balut'...(Maybe sorting on the surname?) other dlna clients dont have any trouble sorting properly...again probably just a red herring...

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  • 2 weeks later...

for same set of objects it did eventually settle down to displaying the same truncated number 37..so it is consistent..i was probably being too hasty

Plex DLNA server shows all album artists, maybe mb3 fetchers present some special character in an artist name in such a way that samsung doesnt like it...

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