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Music Files not showing up on Roku


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I have added a few MP3 files. I have edited using the MB panel to have ALBUM and ARTIST names. When I click on Artist on the backend the songs are their but not under ALBUMS. On the Roku no music files appear at all. I have ROKU LT latest update installed and MB Version 3.0.5518.7.

Thanks for the help.

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Troubleshooting client issues should always start on webclient and work outwards to roku...

dont use MB to specify tags, use an mp3tag editor on the sourcefiles and rescan the mb3 library.

post some pictures of the music section of your web client perhaps might help  understanding of what your seeing.....

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Thanks... but not yet solved.


Part of the problem is that there are two versions of Mediabrowser for ROKU available, one with a black background and another with a bluish background.

I installed the one with the bluish background and it fixed a few problems such as constant logging in when you exit.

I am able to see my music and video folders.


I can also see that my mp3 files are listed, BUT they aren't playing when clicked.

I have restarted my server every time I edit something but nothing gives.


ALBUMS is still not getting any listings underneath it.


Below is what is in my music folder.




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That sounds like the unofficial Roku release.  What is the Roku channel version number?


And I believe your music library should point to music not album.

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Happy2Play awesome.

You are right

It had something to do with the file structure, I changed it and it showed up and played. It is working now. I also have to edit the mp3 files outside the client before dropping them in the folder.


ginjaninja although the file played in the client, I just couldn't get it to play on the Roku.


Thanks a lot everyone.

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Multiple different sourced mp3s do not play on roku client..but play in web client...very unusual..

If problem is only with one set of mp3s...Use the webclient to post a screenshot of the file properties (codec, channels, bitrate etc)...

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