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While you have your remote in hand in your living room you click "Search movies" and search for a movie you do not have. It gives a list of places you can get it, and with another click on the remote, it downloads it and in a few minutes your off to the races watching your movie. 


It even breaks out your options based on quality.... That's a win for me. 


Can we get something like this??!?



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I understand that :). The way they explain it is they give the functionality to aggregate "places to get it" but its up to the end user to add providers and there are no already coded in ones, so the end user woul dhave to code in their own providers. Kind of like how those tv guide websites aggregate all the different places to watch a movie on demand.


This feature would do the same thing and if some people use it for bad, well then they are bad lol.

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