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How to turn off 'Cast & Crew'?


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Hi all and thanks for reading my question.


I would like to be able to completely turn off the 'Cast & Crew' functionality. I'm not interested in this information and find it clotting my views. Also it creates another click that is not needed as movies are now in folders whereas I would like them to be just the movie file. How can I turn this feature off?


Currently I have:

- Movies

--- MovieX

--- --- MovieX.mkv

--- --- Cast & Crew

--- --- --- ActorA

--- --- --- ActorB

--- --- --- etc.


I would like:

- Movies

--- MovieX.mkv

--- MovieY.mkv

--- etc.



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Are you saying that's what your file structure looks like?


We store cast information inside the metadata, not in the file system under the movies.

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Hi guys, thanks for your responses.

Indeed I meant the DLNA views, so the structure that I typed in the opening post is what I see on my TVs, I'm using only MB server.


Good to hear that an option to turn 'Cast & Crew' off, will be added in the next release.

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