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Favourites and resume in MBC

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I am a little unclear on this so seeking some clarification regarding the new view in MBC.  Should we always see the favourites and resume items in the view even if there are no items in them?  In my case I have no favourites or resume items but I see them.  If I go into them it says there are no items.  Would be better not be be there until something is in them. 


One final question is backdrops.  Is there any way to enable backdrops for each of these items using the IBN or indeed would it not be better to display random backdrops of the content of each folder?  Currently the black screen is rather unimpressive.


Edit: Just read the hide empty folders topic.  I thought I had this checked but cannot confirm.  Either way I am now using .254 so it is gone.

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I would think they shouldn't show if there are none.  This would have to be dealt with on the server though.

Thanks.  I just added several items to favourites using the server web client but they are not showing even after restarting MBC.  Before this no items showed as resumeable or favourites in MBT either.


Regarding IBN I guess we can create a "Resume" etc folder in IBN and place the backdrop images within it?

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