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Roku - Column on row not remembered during enter back navigation


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server 3.0.5526.29593

roku 1.85..v6.1 build 5604




reproducible with button pressing but not so much with set steps but often enough with 1 min...

logs i dont think show anything..


after a period of time of using the client

when i enter an object on a row on home screen and then go back...i will not be returned to same object.

not all rows are affected all the time..tv movies  and movies are affected some of time..channell..options..mixed content never affected....for a given row the mistaken offset is always the same for that session of the issue.


eg enter 4 returned to 2...enter 8 returned to 6 (offset -2)

next session once issue is reproduced the offset for that row might be +4.

once the issue is present it stays until client is rebooted

once the issue is present it will tend to apply to more than one row but not all..

next session a different set of rows may be affected.


reproducing issue ...navigating around ui...playing content for a second then exiting seem to exacerbate..issue is never present immediately..but always within a couple of minutes of trying to reproduce..thats as nailed down as i can make it..



in these logs by the time they are at end the music row was playing up ..offset -1



ofcourse play state and server content are not changing during the testing by the users hand/knowledge

edit playing content is not necessary..just navigation will reproduce.

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