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Server - "Suggested" under Movies should not showed watched content.

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Hi Guys,


I very much like the "Suggested" feature in the web client but there are two things that would be nice to have changed:


1.) "Suggested" should not show content that already has been played/watched

2.) It would nice to be able to scroll sideways so you can see more relevant/suggested content then just the first 7 (like you do in Netflix)



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I disagree that it 'should not show content that already has been played/watched' but it could be an option. I don't tend to have many new unwatched items at once so I do use the suggestions as they are.

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Koleckai Silvestri

I could see why people want to not show movies they haven't watched. However I get frustrated when things disappear from views just because they have been watched. So I would definitely want an option on this. I don't see the point of a library if things are just going to watched once and then removed from the different views.

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