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HP Stream Mini


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Working great with Kodi, Emby add-on, server WMC add-on and Titan Mediabrowser Skin. Windows 8.1 with bing sucks though so you'll either have to shell out $99 bucks for the pro-pack to get WMC for Emby Classic on it or downgrade to Windows 7, which from what I've researched sounds like too much of a PITA because you will have to manually download Windows 7 drivers for all the components. Personally, I'll be putting Windows 10 on it as soon as it's RTM.


I've also tested with the HDHomeRun add-on for KODI and that runs very well indeed. Be prepared to upgrade the 32GB of RAM because just installing all the Windows updates and Driver updates will leave you with hardly any space at all. I was able to bump up the free space to 3.75GB by tweaking the hell out of Windows but I just ordered A 128GB because I like to have plenty of free HD space. I also commented on this unit in the Intel Compute Stick thread.

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The stream mini is a great little device. No issues here. It is low on hard drive space as mentioned by jhevener, but that's an easy fix. I did add another 2 GB ram to give me 4 GB total. Newegg initially messed up my order so have an extra 2 GB stick brand new if anyone wants it.

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