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Deleted file from MBC Not Updating in Server / Hangs MBC


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I just upgraded from MB2, so seems to be working much the same for me, I only use the MBServer and MBC. I had MB2 working great - the issue below and random crashes when i scroll lists fast are my 2 issues with MB3


In MB2 when deleting a file (like a show that is no longer needed), the file would delete from server drive, and the page I was on in MB2 would update immediately to reflect the file list minus the deleted file.


In MPC, when I go to perform the same action, the details page disappears, MBC states the MBS is updating and the change will be reflected momentarily. A short time later another message states the file has been deleted - which it has been from the server drive. Then it just sits there with a backdrop page, no updated file list - it does not return to the file list. If I exit MBC and return, the file is still listed, but does not play. If I use the web client to check, the file is listed as still there (not deleted), other times it is listed as offline. I assume this is not normal and it should behave the same as in MB2?


I have attached new logs for both MBC and MBS at the time I tested it.


Any help is appreciated!



MB-Classic: B10-29.1
MB-Server: 3.0.5050.37565
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I don't see a delete operation in either of those logs.


However, the item you were playing in those logs doesn't look like it is in the proper folder structure to be either a movie or tv episode or anything else we would really recognize as anything other than a generic video.  What type of item are you attempting to delete and can you find the logs from the actual delete operation?

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Thanks for looking into this!


I deleted the video betwwn 10:30 to10:33. See the entry for 2013-11-04 10:31:42 / 2013-11-04 10:31:44 in the MBC log?


The video is in a 'downloads' folder (marked as a tv show folder), which contains temporary video files, some are in thier own folders, other are in the root directory.

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The server log doesn't match that time frame and that is what does the actual delete.


However, the file structure you described is not a supported structure for TV so I imagine that has something to do with your issue.

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